Long time ago, there were settlers from neighboring places wandering farther west to seek better and bigger place for cropping. They reached a certain place covered with forest and rocky. Higher up from the place where hills of stones and big rocks, the settlers decided to use the place and sought for the source of water. They surveyed the whole area in the lower part, but they did not see any spring, until they reached the higher part or the hills of rocks. They found a very big rock like a very huge basin which was full of water. They were amazingly surprised to see the enormous rock that held water, but soon they began to clean the water by taking away fallen leaves and twigs, they left it for a couple of days so that all particles above water would sink to the bottom. Days on, the water became clearer and pristine. The procedure or process they were using means “Lugdang” in the vernacular, and thus born the name “Lundag”.

On May 28, 1925, Lundag which was used to be a wilderness and secluded place was declared and recognized as one of the barnagays in the Municipality of Anda.

Geographical Description:

Land Area: 150 Hectares
Location: Western part of the town
Distance from the Highway: 3.5 Kms.
Distance from the Town: 8.5 kms.
Products: Corn, Cassava, Gabi, Camote, Banana, copra and vegetables
Home industry: Mat weaving and basket weaving


Barangay Officials

Barangay Chairman ABSALON T. DELOY

Barangay Councilors Benjamen O. Betito Josefina B. Jandayan Eulalio G. Pagapong Alejandra T. Amper Eleuteria D. Makidato Pedrito C. Licayan Marino B. Simbajon

Sangguniang Kabataan


SK Kagawads Jan Paul P. Felicitas Charry T. Pagapong Jomel A. Pagapong Antonio M. Tañares Josephine M. Dela Peña Rolie A. Exclamado Elvisa J. Omac

Other Officials

Barangay Treasurer Asteria M. Millama

Barangay Secretary Lorenza S. Galia


KAINSIYA CAVE – Located near the core of the barangay, truly an effortless to see the wonder inside the cave. With its interesting stalagmites formation, it features also several bat caves hanging in different ends.

KABANGAHAN CAVE – Barangay Lundag is also replete with caves dotted in the area and one of which is located at Sitio Kabangahan. The best way to appreciate the cave is to view it from a distance, like a replica of a stone church enticing you to draw closer.


SAN ISIDRO LABRADOR – May 9-10. Lundag’s annual commemoration of the feast day of their patron, San Isidro Labrador, this features basketball leagues.