Natural Resources

Mineral Resources

Manganese deposits are present, although its quality and volume is immeasurable.  This metallic mineral located in Barangay Katipunan.  Guano is also available.  These organic matters are mostly located at the caves of barangay Badiang, Talisay, Lundag, and Tanod.

Marine Resources

Coral formation is potentially available in the coastal barangay of Badiang, Linawan, Talisay going to the southern parts of the town.

Swamps and mangroves for fishpond development are also available with an approximate area of 338 hectares. These mangroves are found in barangay Badiang,  Talisay, Linawan and Suba and Portion of Poblacion & Bacong.

Fish sanctuaries are being developed and maintained along the coastal areas of barangay Linawan, Badiang and Suba.

Marine Resources Utilization

The area is endowed with potentials for fish productions e.g. coral reefs, sea shells although most of the fisherman use a fishing method such as fishnets, hooks,etc.

Integrated fisheries and aquatic Resources Management Council (IFFARMC) in the barangay level is presently institutional and organized to help conserve, manage and protect the marine resource.

Fresh Water Resources

The principal source of drinking water is supplied by Anda water works system managed and operated by the local government of Anda.  The system is sourced by two springs (Cavistil spring and Tinugdan spring) which supply the covered barangays namely Tawid, Poblacion, Suba, Bacong, Virgen and Candabong. Meanwhile, the hinterland barangays are now on Level II and III except for Barangay Buenasuerte which primarily depends on the rain collectors as source of water.