Soil and Drainage

The plains have two (2) types of soil namely:  Batuan Faraon complex and mountain soil undifferentiated.  The types of soil are generally of the upland soil type.  PH ranges from 5.5 t 6.5.

Batuan-Faraon complex is a combination of the Batuan soil and Faraon Clay.  The presence of “haycock” hills rising out of the level lands makes it difficult to delineate such areas.  All the soil in the level areas and to Batuan Clay type while those on the hill are the Faraon Clay.

Drainage especially in low area slow and impeded due to the impervious rock beneath the soil which prevents water percolation in Batuan series.  Faraon clay on the otherhand is characterized by a shallow surface soil with little or no sub soil.  This clay is usually soft and strongly penotic when wet, slightly hard when dry.

Since the Type of soil present in Anda are all upland type, it is important that attention must be directed in its conservation and technical know-how in soil management must be employed to keep and hold the soil from further loss.  Being highly susceptible to the destructive force of erosion, by season or its relief, their use must be limited, if not restricted.

Mountain soil occupies 1,130 hectares of land.  It is highly susceptible to erosion by reason of its relief, the use must be limited and restricted.  Possibly fruit trees or permanent crops should be planted to this type of soil.