Tourism Development Vision and Mission

(based on eco-cultural tourism masterplan of anda 2010-2015)

Development Vision

A well-known eco-cultural tourism destination where rich natural and cultural resources are sustainably managed by God-loving and empowered communities.

Development Mission

To aggressively respond to the needs of eco-cultural tourism development by promoting participation and cooperation among stakeholders.

Development Goals, Objectives and Strategies


  • Preserved and Protected natural and cultural resources
  • Implemented environmental and cultural policies and laws
  • Improved information technology
  • Highly competitive eco-cultural tourism products
  • Increased household and LGU income


  • To make Anda well-known to its target market
  • To achieve a maximum number of tourists annually
  • To adopt policies regarding the conservation and preservation of our natural and cultural resources
  • To improve tourism access roads
  • To establish rooms and homestays
  • To install communication facilities
  • To organize and strengthen Eco-Cultural Tourism (ECT) groups
  • To promote natural and cultural resource management
  • To develop a competitive eco-cultural tourism products to meet the demand and for full satisfaction of our local and international  tourists and visitors


  • Policy Advocacy, Networking and Linkaging
  • Promotion and Marketing
  • Natural and Cultural Resource Management
  • Product Development
  • Infrastructure Development